Trevor Hall Farm: Hypoallergenic Horses for Sport and Pleasure.






Hereford Herd

Pedigree Hereford herd, raised to produce top quality beef direct to the consumer.

We use natural farming methods to provide a natural environment for our cattle, enabling them to live naturally…

Quality care – quality beef .


Home bred and naturally produced, 28 day matured beef available for sale from mid October 2011.


Mixed hand packed boxes - 10kg or 20kg.


Orders now being taken for Christmas.


Please contact us for more details.




















Hypoallergenic Horses

Hypoallergenic horses and ponies for sport and pleasure. 

Breeding pedigree American Bashkir Curly horses and quality cross breed curlies to provide a horse for every discipline and every person.

Whether you are an experienced rider or new to horses, there is a curly horse out there for you.

These wonderful horses, with outstanding temperaments and Generations of good breeding are one of the best kept secrets
In the horse world.  Once you have met a curly  horse, you will want to own one…
All our horses are kept naturally, trained using natural methods and given the opportunity to develop at their own pace. 


We have all the time in the world to ensure that everyone of our horses has the best start, to be the best horse or pony they can be…


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